Church Activism and Middle East Peace in the Shadow of COVID-19

Arab Center Washington DC April 21, 2020 Interview by Jonathan Kuttab with Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, Executive Director of Churches for Middle East Peace, regarding […]

Israel Has Effective Control over Gaza

Arab Center Washington DC See original publication here MARCH 27, 2020 Jonathan Kuttab   The current coronavirus pandemic has placed great responsibilities on governments to provide […]

And now what? A realistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian impasse

By: Jonathan Kuttab Published by Middle East Institute March 2, 2020 The announcement of Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” was a rude shock, roundly condemned […]

Beyond Two State Solution

  YouTube Video by TheJacquelineL Interview with cofounder of Al Haq Jonathan Kuttab. This interview is part of a project undertaken by Jacqueline Levitin  to “contribute […]

Israel’s Arguments for the Legality of Settlements under International Law

NOVEMBER 21, 2019 Jonathan Kuttab original article Arab Center Washington DC The illegality of Israel’s civilian settlements in territories it occupied in 1967 is one of […]

In the Name of the Bible

Published in May 23, 2019 by Jonathan Kuttab Like most settler colonial movements, the Zionist movement was supremely interested in the issue of land.  Yet, […]

Challenging Christian Zionism

Join Jewish Voices for Peace and Palestinian Christian Activists Jonathan Kuttab and Jonathan Nahar for live briefing, April 30

How Trump Drove a Coach and Horses Through International Law

The effects of the reckless policy of President Trump will not be limited to the Middle East.

Jonathan Kuttab: Listen to Post-Israeli election Review

Jonathan Kuttab speaking with Radio Sputnik in the post-2019 Israeli election.

Speaker Visiting Peterborough Paints Portrait of Suffering, Crisis in Gaza

ROSEMARY GANLEY: What is needed now is a commitment to human rights for all OPINION Jan 23, 2019 by ROSEMARY GANLEY Special to The Examiner Jonathan Kuttab with Just Peace […]