July 16, 2023

US Visa Waiver Program: Israel Will Not Reciprocate

The United States Visa Waiver Program (VWP) permits, on a reciprocal basis, the entry of citizens of about 40 countries for 90 days for business or tourism without […]
July 4, 2023

Jonathan Kuttab Releases Memoir

June 2023. Release of Jonathan Kuttab’s Memoir. Read Jonathan’s story that begins as a  child growing up in Palestine before the 1967 Naksa. Going to school […]
November 22, 2022

Statement by Jonathan Kuttab regarding Khurram Parvez

”  Human Rights Defenders throughout the world are in desperate need of our solidarity and support.  They are the brave voices standing up for the universal principles of […]
September 16, 2022

New Israeli Regulations Pave the Way for the Ethnic Cleansing of Area C of the West Bank

First published in Arab Center Washington DC  – September 14, 2022 The current situation in the occupied West Bank reflects an ever-growing Israeli effort to take […]
September 14, 2022

Walking into a minefield

Is insisting on universal principles of combatting discrimination and racism a denial of the uniqueness of the Holocaust? Jonathan Kuttab / September 13, 2022 / 4 min […]
September 8, 2022

Free Mohammed El-Halabi

First published on Friends of Sabeel North America September 8, 2022 Last week, the Israeli court finally issued a sentence in the case of Mohammed El-Halabi, […]