Jonathan Kuttab Releases Memoir

Statement by Jonathan Kuttab regarding Khurram Parvez
November 22, 2022
US Visa Waiver Program: Israel Will Not Reciprocate
July 16, 2023
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Jonathan Kuttab Releases Memoir

June 2023.

Release of Jonathan Kuttab’s Memoir.

Read Jonathan’s story that begins as a  child growing up in Palestine before the 1967 Naksa. Going to school in the US, Jonathan became a lawyer, where he worked in NYC/Wall Street. Jonathan in the late 1970s, returned to Palestine working for a church NGO, where he cofounded Al Haq in 1979, and became a member of both the Israeli and Palestinian bar. Read his story–a journey of work in international and human right law, and leadership with civil society and faith based organizations.

The book is available in paper back and e-book from Barnes & Noble, and for those outside the US you may find it easier to order from other sources.



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