Jonathan Kuttab in Palestine February 2022
March 5, 2022
Electronic Intifada publishes “Canada’s contradictions on Palestine” by Jonathan Kuttab
March 11, 2022
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Jonathan Kuttab joins webinar “What about Hamas?”

Jonathan Kuttab joined the Ottawa Forum on Israel Palestine webinar on March 9.

The March 9, 2022, Ottawa Forum on Israel Palestine webinar was aimed at helping Canadians better understand Hamas, which Canada describes as a ‘terrorist’ organization and refuses to recognize or deal with. We asked 3 Palestinians with different political perspectives and living in different parts of Palestine to help us understand Hamas.

While each had their own differences with Hamas, their shared view was that Hamas is a Palestinian political party with a broad base of support. Any possible solution to the Israel/Palestine issue will necessarily involve discussions with Hamas. Trying to avoid doing so only makes a solution more difficult.

Expert panel consisted of:

  • Diana Buttu, a Palestinian Canadian lawyer based on Haifa, Israel
  • Jonathan Kuttab, a Palestinian Jerusalemite, lawyer and founder of Al Haq (another organization Israel now calls “terrorist” as well.)
  • Mosheer Amer, a Palestinian living in Gaza, Head of the English Department at the Islamic University in Gaza