Feb. 21st 1500 ET Middle East Committee of Westmoreland Congregational UCC in Bethesda MD

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January 31, 2021
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February 9, 2021
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Feb. 21st 1500 ET Middle East Committee of Westmoreland Congregational UCC in Bethesda MD

Beyond The Two States By Jonathan Kuttab

When: Feb. 21, 2021 | 3 pm ET | Noon PT

Offered by:  Middle East Committee of Westmoreland Congregational UCC in Bethesda MD

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Jonathan Kuttab – Author of Beyond the Two-State Solution, Human Rights attorney, Co-Founder of Non-Violence International

Rabbi Alana Suskin – Co-Director of Pomegranate Initiative where she works to end anti-Semitism and Islamophobia through interfaith education and relationship building

Alton Frye, PhD –  Presidential Senior Fellow Emeritus and former Vice President and Washington Director, Council on Foreign Relations.

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Description: Beyond the Two-State Solution is a short introduction to the ongoing crisis in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism have been at loggerheads for over a century. This book invites readers to begin a new conversation based on reality: two peoples will need to live together in some sort of unified state. It is balanced and accessible to neophytes and to experts alike.

Learn about the author and the book HERE. Fill out the form on the left to receive an email with a link to the 100-page booklet in.pdf format that you can download free. The link includes a list of e-book options. Amazon offers a Kindle version for $3.99 as well as a print version for about $14.

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Beyond the Two-State Solution

Sunday, February 21, Panel Discussion between

Jonathan Kuttab, author, and

Rabbi Alana Suskin, co-founder, Pomegranate Initiative

Alton Frye, Moderator

Watch the recording HERE.

Short of time? Go to closing remarks at 1:18

Download the book HERE.

Short of time? Read the Executive Summary, page 96

Kuttab’s ‘No Brainers’

Don’t let the idea of a two-state solution act an alibi or excuse for avoiding concrete actions now:

· Lift the Gaza siege now

· Stop sending children to military courts

· Stop collective punishment

· Stop administrative detentions (detaining without charges or trial)

· Stop destroying homes

· Let Palestinians build in Area C

· Open up West Bank roads to all


Rabbi Suskin’s suggestions:

Don’t use not knowing the outcome as an excuse for not acting now.

Questions?  Contact Maryn Goodson mpgoodson@comcast.net