History of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict
A Short, Comprehensive Video History of the Palestinian Israeli Conflict
December 30, 2018
Jonathan Kuttab speaker author
Palestinian Evangelicals and Christian Zionism
January 19, 2019
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Jonathan Kuttab speaks during a Gaza Webcast

Canadian Fall 2018 Tour

Canadian Fall 2018 Tour: New Thinking for Post-Oslo Palestine–Challenges & Opportunities, September/October, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario and British Columbia.

Description of Event
A Palestinian International Human Rights Lawyer’s Perspective. Hear what is happening currently on the ground in Palestine from respected international human rights lawyer, Jonathan Kuttab.

Palestine is at a watershed moment. The Deal of the Century, the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the ending of UNRWA funding by the Trump Administration, are a few of the current issues.

25 years post-Oslo, a two state solution is no longer feasible. This being the case what is the solution? What is the role of Canadian civil society? How do we hold our Canadian government accountable in this regard under international and domestic law?