The West Bank And the Rule Of Law


by Raja Shehadeh and Jonathan Kuttab, 1980, published by International Commission of Jurists

This Al-Haq report is an analysis of the legal situation in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. It includes detailed studies of the legislation and administration of land rights, water rights, trading and commerce, town planning, trade unions, education, literature and information. The report establishes that Israel has altered the existing laws and administration in such a way as to make the economy of the West Bank subordinate to the interests of Israel, and to facilitate the encroachment on the territory of Jewish settlements, which are universally condemned as a violation of international law.

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Publisher: Al-Haq Organisation
Author: Raja Shehadeh – Jonathan Kuttab
Language: English
ISBN: 929037005x
Pages: 128 pages
Published in: 1980
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