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Jonathan Kuttab: Listen to post-Israeli election Review


Jonathan Kuttab speaking with Radio Sputnik in the post-2019 Israeli election.

Speaker visiting Peterborough paints portrait of suffering, crisis in Gaza

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ROSEMARY GANLEY: What is needed now is a commitment to human rights for all OPINION Jan 23, 2019 by ROSEMARY GANLEY Special to The Examiner Jonathan Kuttab with Just Peace Advocates coming to Peterborough. I’m going to plunge into a topic that…

Palestine Needs Our Help, Says Human Rights Lawyer

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Original appeared in Journey Magazine Peterborough on January 17, 2019 The 25-year-old Oslo Peace Accords are long dead.  A  two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is no longer viable. The Trump administration recently cut all US funding to the United…

Palestinian Evangelicals and Christian Zionism


Published Originally by: Jerusalem Institute, JG76 (Winter 2018) by the Institute for Palestine Studies. The recent step by U.S. president Donald Trump to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and his total support for the most extreme…

Questions to Christian Zionism

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By Jonathan Kuttab March 2, 2018 I am a Palestinian Christian and the most pressing question about Christian Zionism for me is not its theological predictions about the end times, prophecy, or the Second Coming, since the Bible…

Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust Syndrome

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June 2017   I want to be clear from the beginning that nothing excuses or justifies anti-Semitism. There is no question that classical Western anti-Semitism aimed against Jews (rather than other Semites) is a vile and pernicious phenomenon…

And Now What? A Realistic Approach to the Current Impasse

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June 2017 If it is true that the two-state solution is dead, and that the one-state solution is even harder to achieve, then where does that leave us? What is, or should be, the agenda for the foreseeable…

Signs of Hope

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November 2016 People often confuse hope with optimism.  Hope is a spiritual quality that recognizes that God is ultimately sovereign, and that the arch of history, however long, bends towards justice. Optimists expect change for the better in…

Broken Cicterns


July 2016:  This article I wrote over 10 years ago, and published in Sojourners’ magazine.  It shows what is wrong with the Oslo Process, and how the peace and justice community got trapped into abandoning their principles and…

Direct Negotiations

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When I joined the Palestinian Negotiating team, as head of the Legal Committee, back in the bad old days of the Oslo Accords, I reviewed all the existing and proposed agreements that existed between Israel and the PLO. …